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Who I Am and What I Do
Daniel Vargas LNMT

I am a Licensed Neuromuscular Massage therapist in Charlotte, NC.

I have been practicing professionally since 2008 and specialize in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Structural Integration. I help people with medical conditions or postural habits that negatively affect the musculoskeletal frame. With my extensive knowledge of muscle anatomy and myofascial lines, I can pinpoint the cause of most people's pain or postural imbalance.

 I integrate my indigenous culture and the traditional healing practices of  Mesoamerica into my therapeutic approach. As a first-generation Nicaraguan American, I have grown up witnessing the skill and prowess of indigenous Sobaderos. I was inspired from a young age to learn more about the healing tradition of Sobadas and Limpieza rituals. Once I started my career, I added these modalities to my repertoire. Tainica Therapeutics observes the scientific and medical models of massage therapy while honoring and sharing the timeless tradition of Mesoamerican healing customs.  

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