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This Myofascial Guide will teach you the foundation of Structural Integration and everything you need to know about the Myofascial Lines. You'll learn the purpose and function of Fascia as well as the layout of each Myofascial Line.


  • What will I learn from this E-book?

-The 12 Myofascial Lines (grouped into seven sections) and their function.


  • Why should I learn about  Myofascial Release?


  • How will this improve my skillset and enhance my career?


With Myofascial Release massage averaging between $70-$150, you can drastically increase your profit potential. Don't forget to check out our Myofascial Release Program for a full breakdown of Myofascial Lines and the massage process. Our program is updated monthly with written, visual, and video content.

Let's Talk About Fascia: Beginners guide to Myofascial Lines

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