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White Sand and Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

Get well acquainted with our practice, services, therapists, and policies by reading all the information on this page at your own pace.

Questions About Our Practice

Questions About Your Session

Questions about pre/post massage care

How We Accommodate Clients' needs at Tanica

Our goal is to offer the immense physical and emotional benefits of massage to our community's members and ensure they feel understood and accommodated at our practice. Please scroll through our accommodations list below.

Are your therapists trauma informed?

Our therapists have received extensive training and education to provide a secure and welcoming environment, with specialized support for individuals experiencing PTSD, CPTSD, and sexual trauma. Our lead therapist, Dan, is known for his calming and reassuring demeanor, and he ensures verbal consent is obtained before and during the massage, especially when incorporating specialized neuromuscular techniques. Many clients have benefitted from his expertise and compassionate approach.

What is your policy on harassment? 

  • We have a ZERO tolerance policy on any sexual conduct of any kind. 

  • We do NOT offer sexual services and will not entertain any sexual conduct, including from the client.

  • Safety is a priority for the client and the therapist.

  • We respect our clientele and will not tolerate any kind of sexual behavior from our therapists. However, the same applies to our clients.

  • If at any point our therapists feel harassed, they CAN immediately end the massage and you will NOT receive a refund.

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