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Type of Content

Depending on your comfort level and the type of massage, we may either record snippets of your session that do not capture your face or record the whole massage. We may take before and after photos for clients in our SI program.

Information Included in Post

We will describe the techniques used during the session and the issues we are targeting. If the client wishes, we can tag their personal account or business in the post.

When It Will Get Used

After editing, content is typically posted within one week of recording. For full sessions, posting may take up to two weeks.

If You Change Your Mind

We offer discounted services in exchange for social media content. Once the content is posted, we cannot remove it. However, if you wish to have your identity or face edited out or blurred, we can accommodate that. 

Purpose of Content

Our content is designed for massage therapists, offering crucial training and social media education. We also share funny and informative moments, including our "Pain Cam" series featuring effective yet uncomfortable techniques.

What Platforms We Post On

We post content on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels. 

Contact Information

For inquiries, further questions, or collaborations you can contact Daniel at danielvargas@tainicatherapeutics or our editor at

Is This Content For Promotional Material Or Advertising?

No. We do not advertise or boost posts featuring our client's sessions. These recordings or photos will not be used in promotional materials and will only be featured on our social media.

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