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Scoliosis Pain Management

The Technique and Benefits

Living with Scoliosis can be an overwhelming experience that leaves you feeling defeated and constantly struggling with chronic pain. But there is hope and there are options available for you! Neuromuscular therapy and Fascia Release can be a game-changer in pain management. Combined with ongoing Physical Therapy, you can experience exponential improvement in your quality of life. 


At Tainica, we offer a 90-minute or 2-hour tailored Scoliosis session customized to your specific curvature and neuromuscular anatomy. We focus on loosening the muscles in the trunk and hips, which can provide significant pain relief that lasts for days and even weeks with consistency. In each session we also adress tension and pain in other parts of your body caused by the torsion of the waist/back. Our clients who do weekly massages in combination with physical therapy find themselves going months without crippling pain.


Our intense work is customized to your curvature, comfort level, and pain tolerance. As standard practice, we use arnica-infused oils and lotions during the massage and offer Biofreeze gel at the end of your sessions. Plus, we include hot stones that provide additional relief and loosen fascia in your bones and ligaments.


Discover our range of individual sessions and take a look at our Scoliosis Package, designed to make ongoing care more affordable. Looking for consistent relief from scoliosis pain? Look no further! With our package deal, you'll receive weekly Scoliosis Relief sessions at a 40% discount, plus 50% off additional sessions in a week. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay pain-free and strong with our consistent care. Get started on your journey to better health today!

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