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Ammonite Reiki and Ocean Sound Therapy

Release, Purify, and Empower

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Donation Based
  • North Tryon Street

Service Description

Get ready to experience a unique and powerful form of Reiki that harnesses the calming and purifying power of the sea. This particular style of Reiki uses sound therapy, breathwork, ammonite, and sea shells to calm and purify each of your chakras. Not only will it help reduce severe anxiety, but it will also promote serenity while calming your mind. By using Ammonite with reiki, you can experience a powerful circulation of energy that will leave you feeling more grounded and stable. Ammonite can stimulate your survival instincts and inspire you to persevere no matter what challenges you may be facing. This stone encourages you to seek and achieve personal power in your life, and it has the capacity to transform negative energy into a positive flow. With Ammonite, you can cleanse your aura and release stagnant energy imprints, allowing you to move forward with clarity and strength. In this session, we will be using Reiki and Ujjayi Pranayama (also known as Ocean Breathwork) to help soothe your body. By using these techniques, we will energetically release any stagnancy and trauma from your body, allowing peace of mind to take its place. When combined with Ammonite and Seashells, these techniques have the ability to purify your chakras and raise your vibration. Ammonite can activate and strengthen the life force within you, which is often associated with sacred feminine energy or Shakti. You'll connect with this transcendental nature of sacred femininity, activating its power within your body, mind, and consciousness. By the end of the session, you'll feel secure, peaceful, and confident about who you are and how you occupy space in the world. Get ready to experience a transformational journey that will leave you feeling renewed and empowered! Clients can choose between a hands-on Reiki session or a non-contact beaming session. During the hands-on session, we will also cleanse the meridian and myofascial lines with gentle pressure and fanning.

Contact Details

  • VAPA Center, North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC, USA


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