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Energy Healing

The universe is constantly in motion, and all things move, vibrate, and travel in patterns, regardless of their state. Positive and negative energy surround us every day, and it's crucial to recognize the impact it has on our lives. Healing modalities like Reiki and Sound Therapy can transform negative energy from stress, trauma, or negative environments into positive, uplifting, and empowering life force. By incorporating energy healing as a part of our mental and physical wellness, we can take control of our lives and harness the energy around us to our advantage.

Discover how we have seamlessly blended the Arawak Taino cosmovision with the powerful practice of Reiki to tap into the healing energies of our ancestors. Our unique approach helps us address deep-seated generational traumas and restore balance and harmony to our lives. To learn more, simply scroll down. The services that utilize the power of the ancestral Cemi are designed to assist the Caribbean diaspora in reconnecting with their Afroindigenous roots and addressing the emotional and spiritual wounds that prevent them from embracing their heritage and using their unique gifts to uplift the community. These services also provide the space for education and healing for non-BIPOC allies.

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Reiki, Crystals, and Sound Therapy

Are you in search of transformative and restorative healing practices? Tainica offers two types of Reiki practitioners who can guide you on your journey towards wellness. Meet Daniel, who integrates Usui Reiki into his massage therapy practice, and Elena, a certified Usui Reiki Master who combines crystals and sound therapy into her energy healing practice.


By blending Reiki with other healing modalities like massage and sound therapy, we can help release stored trauma in your body and aura, leading to a deeply restorative experience. With over 100 emotional releases facilitated in the last year alone, Daniel has helped numerous clients in their Psychosomatic healing journey. Elena is a practitioner who specializes in helping clients who are struggling with anxiety and nervous system dysregulation. She uses crystal singing bowls, sound baths, and Reiki techniques to promote relaxation and restore balance in her clients. These practices create a safe and sacred space for clients to manage their anxiety and cultivate serenity in their lives.

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Cemi guided meditation, breathwork, and journeying sessions.

Immerse yourself in the nature of the Caribbean Islands and discover a powerful tool to release stress and generational trauma. Journey with the Taino Cemi and tap into the ancestral nature spirits that can ground, cleanse, and empower you. Reiki, originally from Japan, can help activate the energies within and around us. With the combination of Reiki, Larimar, and the guidance of the Cemi, we can process trauma and repressed emotions. The Taino Cemi can transmute negative thoughts, habits, and beliefs into a life force that is empowering and uplifting. Let us take the first step towards healing ourselves and our communities by invoking the Taino Cemi in their natural manifestations and dualities. Join us on this journey of transformation and let the positive influence of the Caribbean Islands help you release, renew and heal.

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